The 6th World Water Forum, March 2012 : Time for Solutions (30 January 2012)

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The 6th World Water Forum – Marseille, France 12‐17 March 2012

The World Water Forum is the largest world water event.
After 5 forums of diagnostics and debates about water challenges (Istanbul 2009, Mexico 2006, Kyoto 2003, The Hague 2000,
Marrakech 1997), the theme of this 6th edition, to be hosted in Marseille will be: Time for Solutions!

Whether innovative or not, solutions may take a variety of forms: legal, technical, financial or educational. Those solutions will be presented, shared and debated in order to gather concrete commitments at the Forum of Marseille. During 6 days, elected representatives, decision‐makers, civil society, financial partners and experts from around the world will meet at many conferences, sessions and panels.

One week to raise water issues on global agendas

The Forum programme is organised so as to include:
‐ The 18 months preparatory processes prior to the Forum, on a thematic, political, regional and local level,
‐ The synthetis of daily progresses in the evening sessions with all the stakeholders,
‐ At the end of the week, the official declarations and commitments.

Key figures:

- More than 300 sessions and panels
- About 400 hours of conferences and debates
- 800 speakers
- A solutions’ Fair

Water, an increasingly recognised political issue

Resolution 64/292, which was adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations on July 28, 2010 recognises the right to water and sanitation. During the course of the 20th century, the world population grew from 1.7 billion individuals in 1900 to more than 6 billion in the year 2000. But whilst the population was increasing threefold, humanity’s water consumption was multiplied by six. Today one third of the world population lives in a situation of water stress. Furthermore, if the current consumption trend continues, between one half and two thirds of the world population will be in a situation of water stress before 2025. In the recent years, there has been an increasing awareness of water crisis, thanks partly to the World Water

Shifting from discussions on the issues to commitments for solutions

Tomorrow we need to amplify this movement, as we must keep mobilising political decision makers at all levels. Therefore, the organisers of the Forum propose to radically change the tonality of its preparatory works. Participants are invited to focus – between now and March 2012 – on the solutions to be implemented and to leave aside the discussions on the problems which enabled us to take stock of the situation in the past years; the time for solutions has come. It is nothing less than the creation of a movement that will start from everyone’s initiatives and commitments to solve the problems faced.

Following the works and recommendations previously elaborated, we have already set the target objectives and we are now elaborating the actions plans in order to make commitments to achieve those objectives.

The Forum is organized jointly by the World Water Council, based in Marseille and headed by Loïc Fauchon, the French State, and the City of Marseille with the support of local and regional authorities. The Forum organisational structure is named the “International Forum Committee”. It is presided by Prof. Benedito Braga, made of the Word Water Council and the French Committee (the State and its public institutions, the City of Marseille, the Marseille Provence Metropole Urban Community, the Bouches du Rhônes County Council, the Provence‐Alpes‐Côte d’Azur Region, and the public, private and associations’ partners.

The largest word water event

Every three years since 1997, the World Water Forum mobilises creativity, innovation, competence and know‐how in favor of water. The five World Water Forums organised since 1997 (Istanbul 2009, Mexico 2006, Kyoto 2003, The Hague 2000, Marrakech 1997) have placed water on the international political agenda. They have undoubtedly contributed to a global awareness of the water issues. It is a tri‐annual process initiated by the World Water Council and the authorities through preparatory processes which combine thematic, regional and political activities. These processes mobilise thousands of water stakeholders over the 5 continents and culminate in the Forum week. However this week is not an end in itself: it represents simply an important milestone in a continuous process combining dialog, action and outcome’s monitoring.

With a unifying and open‐minded image, the World Water Forum strives to open its activities to the entire water stakeholders of the political arena and of the civil society.

The World Water Council, the host city and the host country promote interactions and partnerships at all geographic scales and between all actors, with a special focus on developing countries.

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